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“It is so sad that too many individuals spend their entire lives trying to impress people who are mostly clueless about their true purpose on earth. Instead of you trying to impress others, why don’t you strive to become the one that people would love to positively impress?”

Who am I?

Hi. I'm the one in the back. I have a passion for studying human behavior and social dynamics. I believe the greatest accomplishment a human can achieve is to understand and conquer him or herself. Once you are able to navigate your mind through any adversity in life, you'll have the power to stay the course towards anything you put your mind to. Feel free to get in touch with me with any thoughts and comments. I'd love to chat with you.

Nick bublik

Adobe projects

Sometimes I like to get creative with some of the Adobe products. Click to see some of the projects I've worked on.

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How to Find Out What You're Doing Wrong and Improve Your Situation

Many people I’ve met have asked: “What’s wrong with me?”, “Why am I the way I am?”. Perhaps you ask the same question yourself. It is painful to constantly fail and not know where you went wrong. I’ve listed some action items that help me figure out my flaws and become a better person.

Four Ways to Discover Purpose In Life

Today, many people complain about a feeling of meaninglessness in their lives. They don’t experience the vividness of being alive. They long for meaning. Something outside of the banal structure of modern life. The four types of purpose are not about a particular career path or activity. They dive deeper into the core of our existence.

10 Keys to Stop Sucking at Life and Make Better Decisions

What makes people suck at life is the inability to make the right choices. Sometimes it's out of stubbornness, but mostly it's out of ignorance. We either don't know the right choice, or we don't notice ourselves making wrong choices. These ten keys are obvious. However, let them serve as reminders next time you're faced with a choice.

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